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April 14, 2009

Hipsters / End of Civilization

I just read THIS Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization.

It got me thinking, what ever did happen to revolution? The last time I remember hearing something revolutionary was lover the lord has left us by the sound of animals fighting.

Growing up I wanted to be a punk, someone to look at a make people think "oh he's weird". Now I could have a pink mohawk and be called trendy. Everything that we've ever done in rebellion is now simply labeled "trendy". What the fuck can we do to stand out without being called trendy?

This article didn't leave me hating hipsters. It left me hating what we as youth have left. We don't have anything that scares the older generation. They've either seen it or worse before. So I'm wondering, asking again, what the fuck can we do.

"If you're not offending anyone you're doing it wrong" - anonymous

Who should we be offending and why? What would it take to offend them? Instead of waiting around for a cultural revolution start one. No more pussyfooting around, start making people mad.


Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

Thank god, the reinforcements have arrived. I was dying.

Not caring about being cool is the new cool.

kyle timothy robin saunders said...

i care man. i can't stop caring.

ATC 1982 said...

I know something not trendy women can do. Like use Pickles instead of cucumbers on there face when going to the spa.

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