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April 10, 2009

Scarlett Johansson is a Clone!

I just recieved the most shocking email of my life and I just HAD to share it. It's truly eye opening people. Make sure you're sitting down, although I'm sure almost who uses computers tends to sit down while doing so. If you want to go about living your nice happy little ignorant life and not be exposed to the lies and deception out there then just ignore this. You'll have to wake up and see the truth sometime though. Here is the email, word for word.

IT IS NOT A SPAM, but if you received that message second and plus time JUST CLICK ?DELETE? button and have a nice day. Don't feel bad, please understand original Scarlett's family very desperate to shut down that humiliating antichristian "actress" clones line career development.

Hello dear Ladies and Gentlemen!I would like inform you that Scarlett Johansson ?actress? actually is a clone from original person Scarlett Galabekian last name, who has nothing with acting career,surname Galabekian, because of adoption happened in 1992. Clones was created illegally by using stolen biological material. Original person is very nice (not d**n sexy),most important - CHRISTIAN young lady! I'll tell you more,those clones (it's not only one) made in GERMANY - world leader manufacturer of humans clones, it is in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Mr. Helmut Kohl home town. You can not even imaging the scale of the cloning activity. But warning! Helmut Kohl clone staff strictly controlling all their clones (at least they trying) spreading around the world, they are very accurate with that, some of them are still NAZI type disciplined and mind controlled clones, so be careful get close with clones you will be controlled as well. Original person is not happy with those movies, images, video, rumors and etc. spreading on media in that way it would be really nice if we all will try slow down that ''actress'' career development, original Scarlett will really appreciated that. Please remember that original Scarlett Galabekian family did not authorize any activity with stolen biological materials, no matter what form it was created in it was and it is stolen. It all need to be delivered to authorize personals control in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Original Scarlett never was engaged, by the way!Her close friend Serge G.


Well there you go. You now know the truth. Can you go back to living your nice normal life? Probably not. Knowledge is power though.


kyle timothy robin saunders said...

I'm calling Germany, I'm going to need a clone army, ASAP.

Dan W Manhattan Ph.D said...

Where can I purchase one of these clones?

Alex R. Cronk-Young said...


Kyle thinks of forming his own army and Dan thinks of sex.

Dan W Manhattan Ph.D said...


Well I'm not going to ask her to act for me.

Anonymous said...

Actually I believe she is not technically a clone but a mixture of genetic elements Mainly from Nero the great caesar and Russian type nobility.
A clone has to be a real perso

Anonymous said...

The original person must have closely resembled her but that person scarlet galabekian or whatever must have been also genetically engineered from the casar Russian nobility hybrid and must have closely resembled the famous actress that must be the cause of the confusion.

Anonymous said...

There are only few human cones around and these are few select historical figures. The rest of the population has been genetically engineered from these select clones. This is due to the fact that a great flood ended the real world around the year 2160's however it was recreated from beginning at the year 1800 due to the fact the USA had implemented a systematic plan of recreation of it's government, the fact is the genetic materials of historical figures including, Nero, Julius, and Augustus, are all used in mixture with other genetic material to repopulate the Earth. There is no way the plan of continuation of the US could have recreated the genetic material of every individual that existed between the years 1800 and 2170 so these clones genetic material were used as a base for creating people with a similar look most accurate to the historical depiction of the actual figure.

Anonymous said...

Real talk some times the truth is unbelievable.

Remas Haytham said...

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