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August 21, 2009

Mediaphiles Giveaway: Artbook for Shane Acker's '9'

So we've wrapped up the GI Joe contest via our high tech drawing system of pieces of paper in a hat, and we immediately move into the next one.

What we have for giveaway this time is a limited edition artbook and dvd for the upcoming movie 9, directed by Shane Acker and produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted & Nightwatch). I have to admit I sort of want to keep this, but I won't.

It comes in a snazzy little burlap cover, imprinted with a unique production number. Only 999 of these were made, this one is number 827.

So here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment on any post on this site. I get emailed whenever there's a new comment so you could comment on the very first post ever put on this site and I would know about it and enter you into the contest.

2. Be sure that your comment is actually a comment on the article you are commenting on. Any comments that are simply "I want to win" or something along those lines will not be entered into the drawing.

3. Leaving multiple comments won't necessarily give you a greater chance to win, but they probably will. Be sure to keep checking the site. We may have more giveaways coming up. If you are commenting regularily then I might just give you a few more entries into future contests.

Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway has come to an end. Be sure to keep an eye out for future contests.


Kolya said...

This is way too cool!
And the burlap with a zipper. How appropriate, lol.

Luis_Logic said...

does commenting a lot make my chances of winning greater? cuz i've been commenting like crazy to win this!


Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

Well, in the future I'll be directing companies to send all prizes to you so you can use your fat fedex discount. But if you want to just pretend like you never got them then I guess that's your perogative.

For now though, Kolya is entered, you are not. It stings I know.

Luis_Logic said...

oh alright, alright!

but if we ever get anything star wars related..... its mine.



yanglyn said...

I claim this. It will be mine. Just watch. Mwahaha :3

Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

Holy crap! I get home and my email inbox is flooded with messages saying yanglyn has made a comment.

If you win and then disappear, only to come back and comment when we have another contest you will definitely not win that one.

Luis_Logic said...


we have our first fan!


yanglyn said...

LOL no, I won't do that. I like looking at sites like these. Plus it's more fun to comment when the site is fairly new compared to when the entire internet knows about it.

Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

Well don't worry, when the entire internet knows about us, you'll be the devoted fan that got in on the ground floor. hah

And once Luis finishes his site redesign, whoooooo boy. The internet will take notice then for sure!

Luis_Logic said...

oh thx!

no pressure at all, right?!


yanglyn said...

God Luis, get your crap done, jeez!


Dan W Manhattan Ph.D said...

Aw man. I want this :(

Saya said...

Definitely excited about this movie. The short film alone was a good watch (because I wasn't feeling compelled to shout "WATCH OUT FRODO").

And I read merchandise :D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Quin said...

I would love to have that book in my possession. I just saw the movie yesterday and loved it! I'm glad that they maintained some of the original scenes from the short film in the feature film.

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