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October 27, 2009

Help Wanted

I am well aware of the fact that nothing has been posted on the site since Friday, and it bothers me. I'd love to be able to provide daily content to you, the reader, but it was hurting my writing.

Truth is, I've been working on several articles that I am really excited about, but I don't want to rush them out there until I know they are as good as they can be. So, in the interest of keeping a regular amount (hopefully daily) of content on the site, I've been hunting for new writers.

You may have noticed one new addition to the contributors list, but we need more. If you are interested in volunteering your writing (i.e. we can't pay you... yet), then please contact us at the email in the right hand column. Provide some writing samples if possible, and I will contact you if we're interested.

I would prefer people that will write about forms of media other then video games, but we'll play it by ear. One day I would love to have a team of people who primarily write about their favorite form of media.

We look forward to hearing from you! Sorry, that was cheesy.


Norman Tran said...

Keep at it. I think quality writing is more important than daily output. After all, an article is there for reading for more than the day it was posted.

Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

Thanks! Daily content from one man with 2 jobs and a kid isn't feasible. Might as well concentrate on quality.

Jazz English said...

I notice that the majority of the contributors list is made up of people I already follow on twitter... I also notice that the video games section has almost twice as many posts as any other section. A coincident? I think not.

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