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October 05, 2009

Video Round-Up: Dedicated Edition

Video Round-Up is a bi-monthly post that collects an assortment of videos from around the web. Whether they be music videos, creative viral marketing, just plain cool, or just plain ridiculous, they will all be found on Video Round-Up every 5th and 20th.

That's right, the Video Round-Up is going twice monthly. You'll now get double the dose of crazy, cool and ridiculous shit from around the web. Don't worry, I'll strive to make it just as stupid and bat-shit insane as before.

Here we have some dedication to the game... or obsession. More like obsession. In fact, maybe this guy should seek medical help. He's either WAY too into Half-Life 2, or he's WAY too into himself. Either way it probably isn't healthy.

Source: YouTube user TRASE666

This is more like it, the kind of dedication I can really get behind. Instead of being unhealthily obsessed with himself, this guy is unhealthily obsessed with his hatred for a childrens TV show. But at least we can all relate to his mental instability... and blow the heads off of it in order to cope.

Source: Flameknight7 - Download the mod here

How do you get attention as a street performer? You strike at the people's sense of nostalgia of course! If I were walking past and heard this I would probably just give him my wallet... and pants... really just everything I had on me. And I might pleasure him sexually... maybe.

Source: YouTube User HaggisMcMutton

Can you really blame these cops for wanting to play Wii instead of putting the tax dollars the citizens pay to good use to, you know, actually search the house for drugs? The Wii is fun. It's a party game system. These cops need to loosen up a little. After a long day of eating donuts and pulling over people caught in a speed trap, they need to unwind. Maybe you should just lay off of them. It's not like they could have been out catching more criminals in the extra time they made by wrapping up the search quicker. I already established that they would just spend it eating donuts and pissing people off.

Source: Shawn Elliott

I've decided that I can't post three YouTube videos of people that spent hours upon hours creating/learning something that others can enjoy, without posting the complete opposite. Someone who spent years and years creating something that others will vomit at, and then proceeding to shake it for people. Dedication can be a negative thing folks, when your dedication is to food.

Source: YouTube User fatboygetdown


Dan W Manhattan Ph.D said...

dude that halflife video was ridiculous. I can't imagine devoting that much time to something so useless

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