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February 03, 2010

Game Character's Six Word Memoirs

Stuck in my mother-in-law's car with an ipod and no way to listen to it's contents, I resorted to NPR for the day. The benefit to this was a story on the six word memoir. I had actually heard of this concept before, but I guess they were talking about it again because they were releasing a second book.

Basically, they are life stories summed up in only six words. You can find it all here. I started to think of my own, then some for famous people, and my thought process lead me right to video game characters. So I decided to come up with some six word memoirs, and make the answers a guessing game.

As revenge for this little stunt, the person with the most correct guesses in the comments with win a freestyle, auto-tuned, rap from Andrew Hiscock. This rap will be personalized to the winner.

1. Boobs were surprise. Now Citizen Kane.

2. Like a pale, deadly ribbon twirler.

3. In better shape; Still second place.

4. Time traveling leaves you mostly speechless.

5. The original 'tude. Constantly reinventing self.


7. Kill my kind, steal their parts.

8. I'm totally not a Dino rip-off.

9. If camouflage worked, my torso'd float.

10. More family friendly then Hitler was.


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