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February 04, 2010

Trailer Park: February 5th

Trailer Park is a weekly post, every thursday, where we feature trailers for the upcoming weekend movie releases.

You've got your won't-remember-it-in-a-year's-time action flick, and your Notebook-esque chick flick. This week seems like the most cookie cutter movie release schedule ever, but never fear. I am here to stear you in the right direction. But first, we must wade through the muck. The thick, dirty, John Travolta-laden muck. Get your galoshes on, you don't want any Travolta in between your toes.

From Paris with Love

I kind of respect John Travolta. When his career was tanking before, it took Tarantino to save him. Now, he could easily go the Eddie Murphy route and keep doing Wild Dogs and Old Hogs, etcetera etcetera, or he can do things like this. I'd much rather watch bald angry Travolta, then I would family friendly comedy Travolta.

Dear John

Countless Iraq War movies have come out, and countless have failed. Now we're seeing filmmakers wise up. I don't even know if the guy in this movie is deployed in Iraq, or some fictional war, but by concentrating on the romance part of the story it will draw in a completely different type of audience. Maybe once they are there, they'll get a little bit of those war movies that Hollywood really wanted to get out there several years ago.

District 13: Ultimatum

If at all possible, this is where you should be spending your money this weekend. Back in 2004, District B13 helped bring parkour into the mainstream. Starring the creator of the, I guess we'll call it a sport, the movie showed off stunts that were done with no wires or CG effects. Now all involved parties are back for a sequel. Yes, it has a limited release, but you are guaranteed to see much better action in this movie than you will in that Travolta one up there. Seek it out and hopefully it will expand in the coming weeks.

Other Releases:
Red Riding: 1974

What will you be seeing?


Tom said...

I didn't even know that District B13 would be getting a limited release. Most of my friends downloaded and watched it months ago. Looks like I need to start looking for theaters.

Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

This is the sequel, District 13: Ultimatum. You downloaded that months ago?

Tom said...

IIII downloaded nothing, sir. I said that MY FRIENDS did. And, yes, it was a while ago. CARRY ON!

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