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February 02, 2010

What do Children Write About? The ABC's of Nintendo!

Did anybody else have Young Authors in Elementary School? This is probably what first got me interested in writing. I thought I would share one of my video game related Young Author books. Because, clearly, I wanted to get beat up REALLY badly. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is the book that won the trip to the convention or whatever it was. Obviously my town didn't have a lot of good writers if this thing got me in.

Click this link... if you dare...

Apparently this was when me and my sister were inseperable. And I start the misrepresentation right on the first page by putting a Genesis game.
I never even played Batman Forever, 'Freeway' became 'Chicken Cross the Road', and, wow... pegquin?
Quakerjack; the nemesis of Darkwing Duck, who also happens to enjoy oatmeal quite a bit.
Pshycro Crow; just in case you didn't catch that he is a crow, it's there again.
I'm pretty sure I just made this stuff up, but I've still never played either of these games, so I couldn't say for sure.
It's too bad I didn't know about the whole cast of Sonic's friends back then. I could have done a whole book with just them.
Even at 10 years old I knew that, when in doubt, there was always a licensed game based on whatever movie or TV show I could think of with the proper starting letter.
You know, I used to make fun of my mother because she would call all video games 'Nintendo'. Clearly I am a hypocrite.
On top of getting a jump start on my writing career, it looks like I was also dabbling in video game level design.
Was there even a Road Runner game? I'm pretty sure I'm just operating under the assumption that my teacher doesn't know a thing about video games at this point.
Marvin the Martian will f*ck you up, son!
You can tell I had a knack for enticing people to try out games they hadn't heard of even in 4th grade.

Almost to the end, and I've had to resort to thinking outside the box.

"Books" means Hank the Cowdog. I was obsessed with those things.

As an added "bonus", I've added the only page from my could-have-been-a-bestseller book, Bomb Force. This was sometime in Middle School, when my mother bought me some of the little hardcover books they used in Young Authors at a The Teachers Store. Apparently I wasn't that inspired by the story, and gave up writing the adventures of Smooth Smith, Femabomber, and Camo Man. Too bad.


Dan W Manhattan Ph.D said...

YESSSS!! This is an epic win!! haha very nice

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