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March 12, 2010

Trailer Park: March 12th

Trailer Park is a weekly post, every thursday, where we feature trailers for the upcoming weekend movie releases.

Doing this post every week has made the Hollywood formula glaringly obvious to me. Not that I wasn't already aware, but posting it each week is sort of like shoving your nose into it. Do the studios actually sit down and talk about this kind of thing?

"Alright, when are we going to release She's Out of My League? March 5th?"

"No! They already have a romantic comedy that week."

"Hmm, how about March 12th?"

"Let's see. Green Zone is the action flick. Remember Me is the drama. Nope! No romcom. We've got our date."

Green Zone

With young action stars at an all-time low, Matt Damon has stepped up to fill the gap. I only saw the first Bourne movie, but it was worth the ticket price. I'd definitely be willing to guess that Green Zone is as well since it's by the same director.

She's Out of my League

I don't really have anything insightful to write here. Not that I ever do.

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Remember Me
Our Family Wedding

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