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March 04, 2010

Trailer Park: March 5th

Trailer Park is a weekly post, every thursday, where we feature trailers for the upcoming weekend movie releases.

The summer blockbuster season slowly approaches. Until the onslaught of big budgets and terrible scripts finally makes landfall, we've got these few tiny storms. I'm crossing my fingers that they are entertaining. Though, most of them are aimed toward kids. I really wish my kid was older so that I could go to movies with her and not look like the socially-stunted adult I really am. It felt weird to go see TMNT in the theater, BUT IT WAS THE NINJA TURTLES!

Alice in Wonderland

There was a time when I was excited for a Tim Burton movie no matter what it was. Now though, I've grown tired of the Burton remakes. It's rumored he's going to be redoing Sleeping Beauty next. STOP! Make another original movie! I enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeney Todd, and I will probably enjoy Alice in Wonderland, but I would love to see him do something new again.

Brooklyn's Finest

A solidly acted albeit cliche cop flick? Sure, that'd probably be an acceptable weekend time killer.

Other Releases:
The Secret of Kells [NY Only]

What will you be seeing?


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