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July 22, 2010

Shuffled: 4/5ths Edition

Every other Wednesday I hit the shuffle button on my 90 gigabytes of music and post the results. I might have to justify some of the stuff in my library, but hopefully it will help inform you of new music -- Or at least be entertaining.

So, I cheated a bit this week. Two of the original songs that came up on shuffle weren't on YouTube already, and after everything decided to work against me to upload them myself, I just gave up and found two more songs that were already there. But don't worry, I'm sure those songs, or at least bands, will come up again eventually.

Until then, we have four straight punk songs (one in German), and then a dramatic shift to a serious song about the genocide in Darfur. Yeah, it's an abrupt turn, but at least you'll get to rock out for a majority of it without thinking about famine and death. So, enjoy!

#1 - NoFX - Hot Dog in a Hallway

Liberal Animation definitely isn't one of NoFX's best releases, but it is still pretty entertaining. It was actually one of the first CDs of theirs I ever bought, after passing on much better ones like So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes. Oh well, when you're young, you're dumb.

#2 - The Misfits - She

Ahh, classic Misfits. Before you knew about Glenn Danzig being a raging douchebag, you idolized him. Still, I think we all know how much better The Misfits were with him at the helm. I've gone to bat for Michale Graves as well, but Danzig will always be the best of their revolving line of front-men.

#3 - Suicide Machines - Give

Hailing from Michigan means that I can never say anything negative about Suicide Machines. Actually, the only record of theirs I ever really listened to multiple times was Steal This Record, which I found at my local Meijer (Like Walmart only in 5 states, and thus, naturally less evil) and immediately... well, bought. I sort of miss the time when my music collection was based solely on finding a CD of a not-really-mainstream band in my tiny little town of nowhere and buying it just because it wasn't on the crappy alternative rock radio stations. That can make you connect with music in a much deeper way than downloading it easily from the Internet can.

#4 - Slime - Etikette Totet

Somehow I stumbled upon the German punk band Wizo in my youth, and quickly became obsessed. It helped when I found out later that the German exchange student was into punk because I asked him about them. Years later I joined a Turbonegro fan forum and shared some of my musical interests. The German people in that forum pounced on an American liking Wizo and flooded me with more suggestions. Coupled with the stuff that Christoph, the exchange student, burned for me, I have a pretty good collection of bands that I can rock out to and not know what the hell they are saying.

#5 - State Radio - Sudan

I actually heard about State Radio from an interview they did on NPR. Funny, because there is often a joke about NPR only featuring music that blends different world music sounds... or something, which is pretty much totally true. While I can definitely hear a world music type of sound with State Radio, they're really more just a ska/reggae type of music. A lot like Rx Bandits, if you like that band.