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September 21, 2010

Luigi's Strife - A Film Noir Rendition of Super Mario Bros.

Let me start this off by saying that I love StumbleUpon.com. It's one of the greatest things to ever happen to the Internet. I find such great stuff through that site and it's hard to imagine the internet without it. If you're not familiar with stumbleupon.com, I highly suggest you check it out and download the toolbar.

Anyway, using the site I came across this truly amazing little comic strip about what life is like for Luigi now that he has quit his job as Mario's sidekick and is living in Brooklyn. Mario is on the run with the princess in this highly film-noir-influenced story. How well can Super Mario Bros. possibly translate to classic film noir? Surprisingly, bringing the partnership of Mario and Luigi to a more real-life setting lends very well to the film noir style of storytelling. Just hit the jump to find out and if you know anything about the creator, let us know. Oh, and click any of the panels to get a larger version.

There is no source as to where this comes from, but here's the original website where I found it. I have two goals in posting this: One is to share this little gem of a story with other fans of Super Mario Bros. who will appreciate it, and the other is to try and find out who actually created it. I'd love to give proper credit to who is behind this comic. He/she/they obviously have a lot of talent. Any information would be appreciated, just shoot us an email or comment below.


Alex Martin said...

That was awesome, but I had to read it a second time to forget about the effect realism had on the movie.

Anonymous said...

I've always kind of viewed Daisy in that perspective.

Luigi is indulging in a cuckold fantasy in which Daisy just gives it up to everyone.

Sounds hot as hell to me, but it would take me HOURS to really detail what I view is going on in this twisted fantasy.

TK-Cassandra said...

Hey! We saw you on N4G - the artist is apparently known as MF_Doom and can be found on spaceghetto. I'm not entirely certain it this is true or not, but it's a start for your quest to find the true artist.

MC Griffin said...

If you were looking for the original artist of this, the search is over. His name is MC Griffin, and he's an animator and comics artist who posts up on Deviantart: http://mcgriffin.deviantart.com/gallery/#Another-Castle

Also, he is me.

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