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September 27, 2010

Sophist Radio Episode 32: The Longest Drunk

That's right, Cerebral Pop has adopted Sophist Radio. If you're unfamiliar with the show, then it is time for you to get acquainted. I know, I know, a billion people have a billion different podcasts about video games, but honestly, I've been a big fan of Sophist Radio for quite awhile. I listen to a crapload of podcasts and this is a really great one. I'm confident that fans of Cerebral Pop will come to love the auditory antics of Aaron, James, and Harold.

In this episode, the crew welcomes a roaming comedian named Chris Davidson, and together they consume entirely too much alcohol. It's a long one, but they promise there will be shorter and more regular shows to come. For now, we've got discussions of Little King's Story, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption, PSN Plus, Split Second, DJ Hero, Final Fantasy 13, Singularity, God of War 3, and more. And after that massive list of games, they close out the show with a 2 Fun 2 Serious, with such topics as the best GTA, and franchises they want to see face-off.


Chris Davidson said...

God I say like too much. Alcohol + Chris = 5xChris, so I guess Alcohol = 4xChris. I don't know what the result means, but I'm an engineer so I couldn't leave the equation unsimplified.

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