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January 19, 2011

Shuffled: Podcast Edition

Every other Wednesday I hit the shuffle button on my 90 gigabytes of music and post the results. I might have to justify some of the stuff in my library, but hopefully it will help inform you of new music -- or at least be entertaining.

Yes, Shuffled is now a podcast for your downloading enjoyment. Sadly, that does mean you'll have to listen to my stupid voice, but I've tried my best to make the vocal parts short to leave more time for music. In the future I'd like to make the name Shuffled refer to more than just shuffled music, and shuffle the format of the show with artist spotlights and guests. Maybe listener-submitted songs? It's all a possibility, but before we get ahead of ourselves why not hit the jump to listen right here on the site, or download/subscribe on Podbean or iTunes.

Track List

1. Spoon - Got Nuffin (From: Transference) Buy the song (Free!) or album
2. Dwarves - Zap Gun (From: Free Cocaine) Buy the song or album
3. Grabass Charlestons - Goatcheese w/Milkdud (From: Ask Mark Twain) Buy the album
4. Danzig - The Belly of the Beat (From: 6:66 Satan's Child) Buy the album
5. Jello Biafra & Nomeansno - Jesus Was A Terrorist (From: The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy) Buy the song or album
6. Dwarves - Better Be Women (From: Come Clean) Buy the song or album

Update: This episode is no longer available on the podcast feed. You can still download it from FileDropper by clicking the MP3 link below, or just subscribe to the podcast via the RSS or iTunes links to get the newest episodes. If the FileDropper download doesn't work just email me at CerebralPop [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll send you the episode myself.


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