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January 26, 2011

Unoriginal Soundtracks Podcast: Space Invaders Edition

Every other Wednesday I share a playlist of songs tangentially related to a single game or series. Songs about alien sex for Mass Effect, songs about world leaders for Civilization, and so on. Searching for random terms on Spotify is a great way to discover new music and rediscover old classics.

Space Invaders is a cave painting next to rich tapestries like Heavy Rain and Mass Effect. But that doesn't mean there aren't themes and allegories to explore. Or invent. Now tremble, puny human, before this superior playlist!

Track list

Prodigy -- Invaders Must Die (Buy the MP3 or album)
Built By Snow -- Invaders (Buy the MP3 or album)
Melody Klyman -- Superhuman (Buy the MP3 or album)
King Prawn -- Immigrant Song Too (Buy the MP3 or album)
Anaïs Mitchell and Greg Brown -- Why We Build the Wall (Buy the MP3 or album)
Rush -- Tom Sawyer (Buy the MP3 or album)
The Nextmen and Dynamite MC -- High Score (Buy the MP3 or album)