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March 23, 2011

Unoriginal Soundtracks Podcast: GTA San Andreas Edition

Every other Wednesday I share a playlist of songs tangentially related to a single game or series. Songs about alien sex for Mass Effect, songs about world leaders for Civilization, and so on. Searching for random terms on Spotify is a great way to discover new music and rediscover old classics.

This cynical Scottish look at America was the most expansive, ambitious Grand Theft Auto of them all. For the first time in the series, you could murder unlikable Americans across an entire state. But it was the furthest the series went in giving you the American dream -- you go from a skinny nothing to owning the skies.

It also provides plenty of opportunity for foreigners to explain this in song.

Track list

King Prawn -- First Defence -- Buy the MP3
Belle and Sebastian -- Boys Are Back in Town -- Buy the album
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- In the Ghetto -- Buy the album
Dr. Ring-Ding and the Senior Allstars -- Move On Up -- Buy the MP3
Jemini and Danger Mouse -- Don't Do Drugs -- Buy the MP3
Poly Styrene -- Sky Diver -- Buy her next album instead
Sweet Baboo -- I'm a Dancer -- Buy the MP3