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April 25, 2011

Video Round-Up: Moronic Edition

Video Round-Up is a weekly post collecting an assortment of videos from around the web. Whether they be music videos, creative viral marketing, just plain cool, or just plain ridiculous, they will all be found on Video Round-Up.

This week in the Video Round-Up we have four videos that show some amount of moronic behavior. Whether it is the stupid way we spell words, an awful decision like stealing a semi and running from cops, a wonderful interviewer who isn't afraid to act silly, or the collective dumbing down of all of society, it's all here. So sit back with a drink and enjoy.

We've featured videos before about the English system of measurement, so why not spelling as well? Sometimes Americans like to do things in their own weird ways, whether they make sense or not, and we're stubborn as hell about keeping them that way. Like measurement, spelling, grammar, and health care. Don't question us. We're always right.

I don't know about you, but I've long dreamed about leading police on a high speed chase. Of course, the consequences are enough of a deterrent for me, but not for people like this guy. Thing get crazy when the lumber catches fire and then tires engulfed in flames start exploding off and rolling down the highway next to him.

I've always loved Conan because of his interviews. These aren't exactly normal interview situations, but it definitely shows that he's not afraid of being a moron in front of some famous faces just to get a laugh.

Devo has created an interactive video for their new single, "What We Do." This is not the interactive version, because I can't embed that one, but this edited version gives you a good idea of what's in the whole thing. Click over here to watch the interactive version, where you'll be able to pan around the room and watch whatever you want. You can also click on the clothes that a man and woman are modeling in order to get links and prices to buy them. All part of the mock-consumerism slant that Devo has running through the whole album.


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