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July 20, 2011

Shuffled Podcast #14: The Rap Connection

Every other Wednesday I share my love of music in an assortment of ways. Shuffled is a podcast whose format is as varied as my tastes in music, so hopefully you won't ever be bored and everyone can find something to enjoy.

On this episode of Shuffled, I do my best to remedy a big gap in the music I feature by inviting on someone who grew up listening to rap. Brian Shirk joins me to discuss how he discovered rap, why he connected to it so much, and some of his favorite artists. It's an all rap edition of Shuffled! Which might never happen again, unless Brian wants to come on again. Because, frankly, I'm out of my element here. I think I said something about hoes. Oh god, that's embarrassing.

Track List

1. Z-Ro - T.H.U.G. (True Hero Under God) (From: I'm Still Livin)
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2. Z-Ro - Battlefield (From: I'm Still Livin)
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3. Z-Ro - You (From: Crack)
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4. Trae - Days of My Life (From: Losing Composure)
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5. Trae - In The Ghetto (From: Same Thing Different Day)
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6. K-Rino - The Plan (From: Annihilation of the Evil Machine)
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7. K-Rino - Representin' (From: Alien Baby)
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