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November 16, 2011

Unoriginal Soundtracks: Halo Combat Evolved / Anniversary Edition

Every other Wednesday I share a playlist of songs tangentially related to a single game or series. Songs about alien sex for Mass Effect, songs about world leaders for Civilization, and so on. Searching for random terms on Spotify is a great way to discover new music and rediscover old classics. Make requests to @USPodcast on Twitter.

This November is special for fans of purple sci-fi shooters; it's Halo: Combat Evolved's tenth birthday. Microsoft is celebrating by releasing Halo: Anniversary Edition, but I'm celebrating with a playlist of songs about the game that saved Microsoft's console launch.

Track list

Half Man Half Machine -- Goldie Lookin Chain -- (Buy the MP3)
Escape Pod -- Space Neighbors -- (Buy the MP3)
Staci Stasis -- Zombina and the Skeletones -- (Buy the MP3)
Zombies In Space -- Wumpus -- (Buy the MP3)
One Man Army -- Binary Star, feat. OneManArmy (a.k.a. One Be Lo) -- (Buy the MP3)
Voice In My Head -- Buck-O-Nine -- (Buy the MP3)
Just The Two Of Us -- Thin Lizzy -- (Buy the CD)


Tom Heistuman said...

Man, this is perfect.

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