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February 25, 2012

Australian Comedian John Robertson Crafts a Maddening and Hilarious YouTube-Based Adventure Game

24 hours ago I'd never heard of John Robertson, but now I can't get his voice out of my head. Mainly the words "dark", "room", and "light switch". That's because about two hours of my Friday afternoon were used desperately trying to find a solution to his devious YouTube-based adventure game. For the record, I beat the shit out of it, entirely by myself. Ain't no GameFAQs walkthrough for this game, son!

You start your quest with Mr. Robertson's angry-looking face -- ominously floating in the darkness -- informing you that you've awakened in a dark room. From there you can decide your next actions by clicking on the choices given to you via annotation links on each of the videos.

It might seem pretty simple, and therefore easy to conquer, but trust me, he pulls some clever little tricks to keep you guessing. I was convinced at least three times that I'd figured out his trick, only to discover that it was merely a red herring. When I finally figured out one of his tricks and started down the correct path, there was still quite a mental hurdle to get over before the fabled "good ending" was playing on my computer screen.

It was an incredibly frustrating journey, but having a comedian narrating it for you quells some of that growing anger; and finally figuring out the solution is remarkably satisfying for a series of YouTube videos. It's easily worth it. Hit the jump to start your adventure...if you dare.

Source: GamesBeat Interview with John Robertson


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