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March 15, 2012

Shuffled #29: Ode Canada!

Every other Wednesday either Matt or Alex C-Y share their love of music in an assortment of ways. Shuffled is a podcast whose format is as varied as their tastes in music, so hopefully you won't ever be bored and everyone can find something to enjoy.

This week we take a listen north of the border and sample some tracks from our neighbors in Canada. We've featured many Canuck's here on Shuffled before: FM, Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Klaatu to name a few. There's a lot of material that comes from our friends up north, and while this playlist doesn't have the likes of Arcade Fire or Neil Young, you may just find something new here to like.

Track List:

Economica from Children of the Clone by Jim Guthrie
Check it out on Bandcamp

The Clash from Bullet Heaven: The Original Tracks by Ser Flash
Check it out on Bandcamp

Billy McDaniells by Murray McLauchlan from Murray McLauchlan
Buy the MP3 or the album

Ladle by Cowboy Junkies from Demons
Buy the MP3 or the album

Ti-Cul and Si La Vie Vous Intéresse by Les Cowboys Fringants from La Grand-Messe
Buy the album (iTunes)

Fuck the Border by Propagandhi from Live From Occupied Territory
Buy the MP3 or the album

Ree-Yee's Witherspoontang by Zuckuss
For hilarious (and extremely NSFW) Star Wars album art, check out their website - Zuckuss.net

Double plug - As always, check out all of Ser Flash's music at smpmusicproductions.bandcamp.com

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